The Infrastructure vision for Victoria is stronger than ever and North is extremely proud of the work we do to contribute to building a better Victoria.

Our involvement in projects such as West Gate Tunnel, Western Roads Upgrades, Level Crossing Removal, and The Metro Tunnel gives us invaluable insight into this ever-evolving sector. We are seeing a greater level of community engagement and a push for projects that enhance the way we live and work.

James Durney, head of our Infrastructure Advisory Team;

With the start of a new financial year, there is renewed interest in infrastructure projects with the Infrastructure Priority List at the forefront of a credible pipeline of work for the next ten years. We are now seeing more commitment from government and industry to move forward with large scale, city shaping projects and new transport initiatives.

At North we can look forward to improved transport links via two of the biggest projects in Victorian infrastructure history; North East Link which will provide a much needed connection between the Eastern Freeway and the M80 Ring Road and Melbourne Airport Rail Link, a Federal and State backed plan that will see an essential rail link between Melbourne CBD to Tullamarine, maximising transport options for air passengers.

With this invigorated outlook and increasing momentum, North is excited to work with our clients for a better Victoria.