Torrens to Torrens Upgrade


T2T Alliance


Western Suburbs, South Australia


$896 Million

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Torrens to Torrens Upgrade

The Torrens Road to River Torrens Project (T2T) will deliver a 4 kilometre non-stop roadway (incorporating 3 kilometre lowered motorway), between Ashwin Parade, Torrensville, and Pym Street, Croydon Park, providing significant travel time saving to commuters and freight. The T2T Project is being jointly funded by The Australian and South Australian Governments, both committing $448 million towards the project for a total project cost of $896 million.

  • An extension of the lowered motorway beneath Torrens Road returning to grade near Pym Street.
  • Improved signalized intersection at Pym Street.
  • Parallel surface roads each side of the lowered motorway to provide access to the surrounding community and local businesses.
  • Improved cycling and pedestrian facilities.
  • Landscaping and noise barriers (where required).
  • Safety and travel efficiency will be significantly improved with the extension of the lowered motorway beneath the Torrens Road intersection.

    North were engaged to quantify the works packages to establish quantities remaining. North were also engaged as Cost Estimators/Engineers to assist the site team with the following:

  • Reflecting the projects financial position.
  • Cost to complete.
  • Full forensic quantification to allow percentage of works remaining to be identified.
  • Assistance with scoping of work packages, budgets and package forecasting.

North worked closely with the construction team at the early stages of quantification through to procurement of works packages and finally as an Independent Cost Estimator to firstly track and manage the direct and indirect costs also to assist with the project risk and opportunities for each package.

Key Initiatives

  • A 4 kilometre non-stop section of roadway (incorporating the lowered road section) between Pym Street, Croydon Park, and Ashwin Parade, Torrensville.
  • A 3 kilometre section of lowered non-stop motorway from Pym Street, Croydon Park to Gawler Avenue, West Hindmarsh.
  • Parallel surface (at-grade) roads along the length of the lowered motorway to connect most local roads and arterial roads to South Road.
  • An overpass of the Outer Harbor railway line.
  • Intersection upgrades at Pym Street, Torrens Road, Hawker Street, Port Road and Grange Road.
  • Improved cycling and pedestrian facilities.
  • Landscaping and noise barriers (where required).

North provided CPB and York Civil independent cost estimates and forecasts for completion which they could use as a benchmark and tool to deliver the remainder of the project packages. Valuable spreadsheets and data sheets were also provided, which could be manipulated and used for the life of the project in tracking the cost to complete.

North also provided independent assessment for monetary values when reviewing subcontractors pricing on various work packages. North were able to accurately forecast all work packages when reviewing actual market tenders received for any particular package which was highly beneficial for the project team, reassuring that North were certainly in tune with the infrastructure market in South Australia.